The countdown is on!

I am super excited! I have finished my Christmas shopping and it’s not even December yet! We picked up the last of the laybys this morning, so now the spare room is completely off limits to Baby Bear, as it is full of presents for Christmas and his birthday. I had planned on wrapping tonight, but Baby Bear decided he wanted to party instead of sleep, so he has not long gone to bed. I guess I still have another month to wrap them though!

Something really wonderful happened to me today. I shared this article from Evolutionary Parenting on the 5 worst parenting books on my personal Facebook page this afternoon. Not long after that I got a private message from a friend who I know has used one of the books in the article (SOS). I was worried she was going to have a go at me about sharing the article, but she surprised me by thanking me. After reading the article she finally came to terms with exactly what sleep training her son was doing to him, and she wants to change. She said she has been having those feelings for a while, but didn’t know what else to do. The article has been the kick start she needed to go down the path of trusting herself, trusting her baby and finding the gentle parent inside herself. I gave her a list of books, Facebook pages and blogs I find interesting and informative, and she is excited to start making positive changes in their lives. I am equally excited for her.


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